Community Church

Cemetery and Chevra Kadisha



Our Chevra Kadisha (Holy Society) has been serving the community for countless decades. Men and women volunteer, who in many cases are themselves the sons and daughters of Chevra members. The men and women each have their own separate groups within the Chevra Kadisha, according to Halacha. The volunteers are very dedicated to ensure that the mitzvah is properly fulfilled. The Chevra Kadisha cares for the deceased and lovingly prepares them for their final journey in this life. They bathe and administer the tahara. They clothe the body in white shrouds (tachrichim). They place soil from the holy land into the casket, among the myriad rituals. They recite tehillim- psalms. They arrange for shomrim to watch the body up until the burial.

Caring for the deceased and helping with funerary details is perhaps one of the greatest mitzvoth in our tradition. In Judaism, the mitzvah of caring for the dead is called Chesed Shel Emet, the truest kindness, for it can never be paid back by the deceased. The reward is in knowing you did a mitzvah. The most important thing is that the dignity of the deceased is preserved and guarded at all times.

Following a death, a member of the Cemetery Committee will contact the family to discuss the procedures with them and to ensure that their wishes are understood. The clergy are always available for assistance and guidance.

Services are conducted either in the synagogue and/or at the graveside.