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A Narrow Bridge

A few years back we had Mama Doni for Hanukkah. They previewed a couple of their beautiful Jewish Bluegrass songs. Now Nefesh Mountain has made it big. They are on the Top Ten Country Chart from Rolling Stone! https://www.rollingstone.com/country/lists/best-country-songs-to-hear-now-tyler-farr-tenille-townes-w519353/nefesh-mountain-the-narrow-bridge-w519356 Click here to listen to the beautiful song: As I’m listening to their incredible entire album […]

Yom Hashoah

Since 1981 the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs has commemorated the Shoah with Yellow Candles. https://www.fjmc.org/content/yellow-candles-home They have reminded us of the importance of remembering.  They have shown us that while the number of living survivors dwindles each year, that we are perilously close to having no one left with their own memories, WE are […]

Second Sunday’s

One of the great blessings of our community is our membership. Amazing volunteers his year have organized incredibly Sunday afternoon programming. We’ve had multiple speakers, including book talks and cooking demonstrations. Great food has always been a part of the offerings. This week we were blessed to share the story of the Catskills-the Jewish Bible […]

Snow day?

Dear friends, After a week of unseasonably warm weather, we find ourselves again in Winter.  How do we cope with these rapid changes?  How do we find ourselves in Spring, Summer and Winter all in the same 10 days? Our tradition offers us suggestions.  Ecclesiastes reminds us that there is nothing new under the sun.  […]


Four hundred and sixty seven school shootings in American History. That is an incomplete list from Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_shootings_in_the_United_States It doesn’t include suicides or when only teachers were killed. How many happen in other parts of the world? How many times do we hear thoughts and prayers? How many times have we seen any actual action […]

Bad Rabbi???? Sunday at 2

Sunday afternoon, do we have a treat for you!  Join us at 2PM for a fascinating talk from Eddy Portnoy. He will be sharing crazy and interesting stories from the Yiddish press: “Stories abound of immigrant Jews on the outside looking in, clambering up the ladder of social mobility, successfully assimilating and integrating into their […]

Hey, where did the rabbi go?

I’m reposting from my personal blog, because I think it is important for you all to see what inspired me, and is helping me grow my rabbinate.  Recently I had the opportunity to study Torah with friends, colleagues and teachers from JTS.  The few days at Pearlstone were so powerful for me.  They helped me […]