High Holiday Message from Rabbi Jacob

Dear Family & Friends,


Who wrote the book of life?


We assume that the author alluded to in the most well known of High Holy Day prayers is God. “On Rosh Hashanah it is written and on Yom Kippur it is sealed

who will live and who will die.”


But what if God is NOT the author of our book of life? After all, the text says on Rosh Hashana it is written without specifying who is the author.


Perhaps we can find meaning in the prayer far removed from the notion of our lives being pre-ordained.


Each of us writes his/her own book of life. And the book has chapter headings. One chapter may be family, another may be titled community or ethics.

And throughout the year we add pages to the book of life each of us writes.


And then comes this holy season. We review our chapters. In so far as we can, we edit our lives. If we use this season of introspection to truly raise a

mirror to our soul, then we can rewrite our lives. We can learn to better express our love for those we hold dear. We can commit to being more active in our

communities. We can write new chapters of commitment to our society and our environment. And we can begin to reconcile with God.


                                                                          Rabbi Jacob Rosner

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