Wherever we go there is always someone Jewish…

A classic camp song is "Wherever you go there is always someone Jewish." Full lyrics: https://pjlibrary.org/HGF_ResourceCenter/media/LiveResourceLib/Wherever-You-Go.docx
Larry Milder writes:
Wherever you go,
There’s always someone Jewish.
You’re never alone when you say you’re a Jew.
So when you’re not home, and you’re somewhere kind of newish,
The odds are, don’t look far – ‘cause they’re Jewish, too.

Today I took the show on the road and visited Steve Licker, our board chairman, across the river at Starbucks in Poughkeepsie.
There we discussed issues of the day, shul, Torah, Talmud and most important how we must always continue learning.

One of the most important lessons of community is that it is always there for you. You can find it anywhere-both directly from the synagogue and by playing Jewish geography. We always have opportunities to connect to one another-and it is partly open to you. Without U, commnity looks pretty funny. So show up, participate and maybe the someone Jewish will be U!

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  1. Henny
    Henny says:

    thankyou, I have felt the weight of anti- semitisism these past few weeks…it is akin to the AA meetings I attend ( I don’t hide that reality because it may help someone).While walking in public I may see “a friend of Bill W. I will never violate someones annonynimity a wink, a smile a silent knowledge that we are ok. which is how I feel when i meet a CAI,TBJ, JCC on it goes. It takes a negative to positive. This includes our wonderful working staff who are there for us. Again I feel safe and love without the annonymous component.Thank you


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